Accurail gondola - W&LE notes

Eric Hansmann

The Wheeling installed 2000 of these gondolas in 1921.


R6000-R6099 – 100 cars

52000-53899 – 1900 cars


The January 1943 ORER lists almost 75% of the original car installation in service.


R6000-R6099 – 66 cars

52000-53899 – 1428 cars



Before anyone raises the question, I do not know the details behind the R prefix on the R6000-R6099 car series. It’s a mystery to many Wheeling fans. I suspect these cars may have been in a dedicated mill service but do not know. A prototype image of a car in this number series has not surfaced.



Eric Hansmann

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W&LE cars had plate ends and were gone by the late 1930's I am pretty sure. I planned to build using detail Assoc.'s ends until I realized they were gone in my 1955 year.

Bill Welch