Reminder: 25th Anniversary RPM Chicagoland - October 18-20


Yes, this year is the 25th annual RPM conference!  You're not going to want to miss this party.

Check out the amazing list of presenters, the heart and soul of this conference event.  Come learn about modeling tips and techniques, new research on freight car topics, operations, prototype railroading, and more.  You'll recognize many respected names, including a few making their return to RPM because of the silver anniversary event.  More info here:

The meal presentations are always a hit, and this year we have three exciting programs:
Thursday Kick-off Luncheon - Phil Weibler presents Here and There on the Rock Island
Thursday Banquet Dinner - Bon French, chairman of the Center for Railroad Photography and Art presents on their goal of preserving and protecting historic railroad images and shares some of the amazing photos in their collection.
Friday Friends of the Freight Car Dinner - Join moderator Steve Hile in the ever popular panel discussion, as this year we reflect on the resin freight car movement and remember Martin Lofton, long time organizer of the "Naperville"  RPM conference.

In addition, we'll have a ballroom filled with prototype modular railroads from the Modutrak HO and N groups, vendors, and model displays.  This year, as part of honoring the last 25 years and more of the prototype modeling movement, we're encouraging attendees to bring not only their newest modeling, but also some models that are a nod to the past.  Have an original Sunshine model, even if it's still in kit form?  Bring it for display!  Upgraded an old Athearn blue box model back in the 1980s?  Bring it to show how far we've come!  Heck, if you want to show off your 1950s American Flyer and how much more realistic it was on two rails than your neighbor's three rail Lionel abomination, bring that too.  The history of this hobby is rich, and we're at a great time with the most realistic models available to date.  Lets reminisce a bit and enjoy some laughs together about our early models.  We'll have tables grouped by modeling decade to help show the story line. 

Early bird registration is up for another couple of weeks, and there are limited hotel rooms still available at the host hotel at $99/night.  All information and easy online registration is up on the website at

Hope to see you all there.

Mike Skibbe