EJ&E boxcars, green n orange


Hello all,

I have a sunshine minikit for the EJ&E 60400-60899 series cars. But I have the white decals (as bhilt) not the orange ones as repainted.

I've turned up a set of Tichy decals for the 61216 ish series. 

A) how are Tichy s decals?
B) any other recommendations for the orange scheme?
C) can anyone tell me about the 61216-ish series? I can't find it amongst the Hawkins lists, but the decals claim a 1948 build date...40 foot, superior door. 


Bill Welch

No, these cars were built in 1941. No direct knowledge of the Tichy decals but those that have talked about them say the are very thick and difficult to get to settle down.

Bill Welch