Snow? No.


Before terminating the thread about snow or lack thereof in FL [ hint: at a popular model RRing event called Prototype Rails it has never snowed although there was the Christmas Freeze of a few years ago ], I will mention a trip through the Tennessee mountains near Ozone, Tennessee in which we counted 11 tractor trailers off the highway, each apparently attempting to make its own way rather than follow highway 70. No telling where the drivers came from. BTW, this route was [ is? ] well known for the 3 trestles  on the old Tennessee Central which, of course, had rather distinct box cars. Now…back to frt cars.

Rick Jesionowski

Reading these comments were comical, I thought that after learning to drive in the snow and ice in Ohio would stand me as a good winter driver, I was transferred to Alaska.  While living there I became accustomed to driving 70 mph on a sheet of ice, and I was still being passed by the locals.  Coming back to Ohio, I am now amazed how badly the locals drive in the rain, ice and snow.

Rick Jesionowski