NYC gons

Ted Schnepf

F&C makes a NYC, USRA, 9 panel,  gon clone with steel sides.  NYC also had composite USRA gons that had lever type brake "wheels".  The F&E gon, as built, with K brake, would have had either a brake wheel or a lever type brake.  Which was correct for as built, steel gons?

thanks in advance.


Kevin McConnell

Ted, the picture for F&C Kit #6600 is lettered for NYC gondola #399574.  It corresponds to NYCL lot 528-G
built in 1926 by G.A.C Co in East Chicago.  The NYC General Arrangement Drawing for this gondola is
#Q-38634 and it shows these Gondolas as having a brake wheel type of brake.  In addition Wayner's
book "New York Central Cars" shows CCC&St.L gondola #72111 (lot 508-G), another High Side Drop
Bottom 110000 lb. Gondola, covered by the same drawing with a brake wheel.  Hope this helps,
sorry for the delay in answering.

Kevin McConnell