Funaro & Camerlengo T-24 Buckeye Cushion Resin trucks

Bill Welch

Alerted  here recently about these trucks—I think it was Bruce Smith—I ordered a pair from an eBay vender as I could not find them on F&C's website. I think they look pretty good. It is easy to tell that the pattern for these was 3D printed but to me the striations are not objectionable. They will go a long way to further uglyfying the N&W B-5 they are destined for once Yarmouth is able to introduce their kits.

Bill Welch

Brent Greer

Here is some supplemental information I shared with Pierre for the pending N&W B5 boxcar project, regarding the trucks that were applied to these cars.  Bud Jeffries from the N&W Historical Society has a drawing from the N&W archives that describes the various classes of trucks for N&W equipment.  There were six classes of trucks used in "High Speed Freight" service.

They were:

Class     Type                             Used on            
T-74      Young, Buckeye              B-4 Box cars
T-75      Barrett Whitehead           B-5    "
T-76      Nat'l Malleable Type B    B-5    "
T-77      Buckeye All Service        B-5    "
T-78      Allied Full Cushion          B-5    " 
T-79      Young, Buckeye             G-3 Mill type Gondola

Of the six classes, four were used under the B5

The drawing's last revision date is 11-11-53 and it lists only two other classes of trucks being used under the B5 boxcars, they are the T-41b and T-71 as of that date.

B5 series 48000-48999 were built with N&W class T-41b, T-71, T-75, T-76, T-77.   (Some cars appear to have received the T-78 trucks later on)

B5 series 49500-49999 all had N&W T-71 class trucks.


Dr. J. Brent Greer