FW: [CBQ] Redo/Upgrade BRHS MOW Decal Project #poll

Nelson Moyer

I’m forwarding this email from Brian Howell re interest level for reprinting the BRHS MOW decal set with scale car decals for the Walthers and Bachmann scale cars. Reprints will be based upon prospective purchases. If you want to see this happen, vote.


Nelson Moyer



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Subject: [CBQ] Redo/Upgrade BRHS MOW Decal Project #poll


A new poll has been created:

If the BRHS were to redo/update the MOW decal set, would you buy 1 or more sets? Artwork for scale test cars would be added on this update with the potential for more based on input. The purpose of this goal is to gauge overall interest.

1. No
2. 1 Set
3. 2+ sets

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