Seth Lakin

Other drawings in the society’s collection pertaining to the lot 504-B are Drawing X-39696-A General Arrangement 6’-0” Side Door and Drawing 60178 Lettering 40’6” All Steel Box Lot 503-B and 504-B. 


Seth Lakin

The New York Central drawing Q-53566 details the General Arrangement for AB Brake Equipment on the lot 504-B boxcars. The drawing is available from the NYCSHS. 

The photo of the brake equipment on the NYC car in the S-Scale Resource magazine that Doug references is different than the drawing. The air reservoir is located at the edge of the car body and the brake cylinder is on the other side of the main frame beams. 

The photo in the society’s online photo archive of the lot 504-b is of the composite builder’s photo shown in the S-Scale Resource magazine. 

Seth Lakin
Michigan City IN
NYCSHS Modelers Committee member 

Doug Chapman


Check out the Feb/Mar 2017 isue of the S Scale Resource, pages 53-57. The article includes 5 prototype photos and an S-scale model of the AB brake system.

Doug Chapman

Brian Carlson

Does anyone know the arrangement of the AB brake system the NYC Lot 504-B 100 X29 cars. I’d like to build one up to mess with my Pennsy friends. :)

I only have the one photo from RP CYC 18.

Brian J. Carlson