Printing white and black together, was: Results, Super Clean Degreaser to remove lettering

Paul Woods <paul@...>

Hi Everyone

Thank you to all the contributors to these threads concerning white toner and printing decals; I have learned a lot!  It has been very timely as I purchased a ghost white cartridge for my HP laser printer quite a while ago, though I have not reached the stage of needing to use it just yet.  Because I am working in larger scales (1:32, 1:13.7) I deemed the ability to print my own decals to be a worthwhile investment.  I have been procrastinating over getting started but reading about others' experiences has sure lit a fire under my derriere!

Question: has anyone tried printing over a decal film that has already been printed on?  I am happy to give it a go but it's always worth asking in case someone has gone down this path before.  As an NYC fan, I have been puzzling over how to create the oval logo with its white text over black background, and it only dawned on me today that it might be possible to print black ovals then put the white cartridge into the printer and over-print the same sheet with the white outline and text.  Register between passes shouldn't matter since it is only a big black patch that the white portion is aiming to hit - just make the black patch slightly larger than required.  It would have the advantage of allowing a complete set (e.g. for a freight car) to be printed on one sheet of clear film, potentially avoiding the need to purchase white decal film for printing the logos separately.  Your thoughts welcomed.

I briefly considered using two layers of clear film, one carrying the white and one carrying the black, but I think it would be too much of a fiddle to line everything up and the double-thickness might stand out too much. Perhaps it might be a weapon of last resort if the register of colours was critical.

Paul Woods

Whangarei, NZ


Related - Icve been wondering thetsame thingt but thought of another approach. Ghost cartridges convert a CMYK color printer into CMYW, if I understand correctly.

So, has anyone tried using (in CMYK speak)

100 100 100 0 for black
0 0 0 100 for white

 to print black and white? Did CMY give an acceptable black? That might resolve the registration issue.


Dave Parker

A two-part decal (white over black) is SOP for the NYC herald as offered in commercial sets.  YMMV, but I would rather deal with the registration problem on the model (HO scale) than in a printer that is not designed to self-register (like an ALPS is).  With the right decal paper (Tango Papa!), the combined thickness of the two films is a complete non-issue.  There are single film decals out there that are worse (not naming namer mind you).

As for spoofing the printer into printing black and white at the same time, I am not sure how that would be executed.  I am no expert, but when I am composing artwork on screen, I think am in RGB, i.e., black is 0-0-0, which is then mapped to 0-0-0-100 in CMYK.  And, to take advantage of the Ghost, the white art is also black, i.e.,  the printer thinks is it's printing black, again 0-0-0-100 but the W cartridge is swapped in for B.  So, both colors would be black during composition (that would seem problematic in itself), and one of them would have to be remapped to 100-100-100-0 somehow.  Hmmmm....

I think I will stick with two-part decals, a depth that I am comfortable in.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA