Machinist Tools For Modeling-calipers

Andy Carlson

I purchased a digital caliper many years ago and whenever I see it, I am reminded that it has never been removed from its packaging.

I have two stainless dial calipers, plus one plastic one kept near the computer for spur-of-the moment measurements.

One of my dial calipers has had some fine filing done to sharpen one of the anvil's inside edge. This sharpened edge is used for scribing styrene sheets when I am cutting styrene parts. I quickly figured the correction adjustment when scribing which allows the cuts to be made at the correct point. It is a quickly learned adjustment.

I suppose that the reason I have never opened the digital is that it is totally unnecessary, as the dial calipers are so easy to read (and accurate), and I don't seem to have any problems with misreading any of my measurements.

As a famous metalurgyst (I spelled that wrong, didn't I?) once stated "YMMV".
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA