Looking for some C of G assistance here.

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Hi folks,

     I'm trying to finish the brake system on a C of G ventilated boxcar from the C of G His. group and have
run into a problem. No brake diagram is included in the kit, only a photo of what is stated to be an assembled
pilot model upside down. That's all ell and good except for the fact that the mounting lugs on the floor casting
for mine are in the reverse position from those on the pilot model. It is also stated that there are some differences
between some of the castings in a 1st and 2nd run of these resin models, which ay have something to do with
the problem. Can anyone provide a diagram of the actual brake system for these "vents'? One showing the
train line pipe as well would help since there does not appear to be one on the pilot model. Other than this brake
issue the ony thing I'll change will be to build up a wood running board and ditch the one from the kit. These
issues should not discourage anyone from building one of these cars as the kit does yield a nice model once

Thanks for any assistance offered, Don Valentine