Bowser Parts Run - an offer.

Brian Carlson

I apologize for the cross-posting but I wanted to get this out to several lists. On a few lists we’ve discussed parts and how oftentimes shipping is much more than the parts.  This coming Saturday (July 6th) I am making a run to English’s Hobby Shop (Bowser) in Montoursville. Later in July I will be attending the St. Louis RPM for the first time.  I’m willing to pick up parts and deliver to St Louis RPM if anyone needs 1 or 2 things. My intent is to help those who may need 1 or 2 things from the Bowser parts catalog, trucks, a cal-scale brass part etc etc. My intent is not to pick up 6 H21 hoppers is circle keystone and 6 more in shadow keystone.  If you have a request like that you can justify the shipping costs.


Now the shelves in the back are known to have interesting things on them so I’ll entertain looking for some older items. Email me OFF LIST


If anyone wants to take me up on the offer email me OFF LIST at prrk41361_at_yahoo_dot_com. Please use BOWSER Parts in the subject so I can sort email.  Please include part number and a description at a minimum.


Some additional answers to questions that may follow.

  • No, I am not going to Chicago RPM so I won’t be able to deliver there.
  • Will I mail parts, maybe we can discuss OFF LIST  
  • Again, if you have a long list, you can probably justify the shipping, but we can discuss OFF LIST


Lastly, remember to contact me OFF LIST, I don’t want to annoy 3 list owners, the food in the RealSTMFC jail is horrible, and the PRRPRO jail food is almost as bad. 


Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY