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Anhydrous ammonia was/is used as a soil amendment in agricultural applications mostly. AA was produced as a by-product of the coking process, for one, and was often transported to agricultural regions for application. So, you could see these all over the country.

Elden Gatwood

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I got a bargain on a Kadee ACF 11k insulated tank car lettered for Mathieson Chemicals (SHPX) #2570 stenciled for anhydrous ammonia transport. I am also considering the RCW ACF 8k insulated tank car for Mathieson Chemical (SHPX) 4009-4014 and 4031-4032 stenciled for caustic soda loading to pair together on a through freight.

I am trying to learn a little more about the car’s contents. Who/where they were produced and then consumed. There are some old posts in this group’s archives and the article linked below possibly point to their Saltville, Va. plant. I was wondering if they would be used together to produce something but that seems unlikely. If they were produced at the same plant they could be shipped out together and appear on the same train and eventually end up on a through freight on the1950 B&O tracks I model. They don’t seem to react strongly together so shipping together doesn’t seem like an issue.



The article is an interesting read and I am curious if anyone on the group has further insights. Thank you for your consideration

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It also did a hell of a job bringing down the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

Don Valentine