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Hi Lester,,

PRR modelers each have their own formula for freight car color.  Historically, FCC was more like barn red in the 20's and then became more like iron oxide in the 30's, ultimately becoming a rich reddish-brown color in the 50's.  I model 1951, and I use Scalecoat oxide with several drops of caboose red added.  It would not be unbelievable for the containers to be a more faded version of the FCC on the

flat car.

Jim Hunter

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I am about to move a resin Funaro & Camerlengo container Flat Car kit 8120 to the paint shop.  The instructions for the car body state Scalecoat PRR Freight Red, a  red moving toward maroon, to my eyes when viewing paint chips.   I am guessing containers, DD1A, the same color.  Is this correct?

Lester Breuer