ART 12645 and 13657 Reefer Questions

Nelson Moyer

I’m finishing up two ART reefers as 12645 and 13657. The photo of 12248 in the ART book, p. 134 appears to have a long sill step extending the full width of the door and suspended from the bottom of the side sill. The step bows down at the center, and it appears to be painted black. The sill steps on the ends of the sides are outside mount type A attached to the side sill through the sheathing. Westerfield instructions state that there were no center side sill steps on cars in this series, and model photos don’t show one. I can’t find any clear photos of other cars in this series to tell whether the center sill step was present or not. Were these unusually long sill steps used on other cars, or is 12248 unique?


My second question is about the color of kick plates. The 12000-12999 series cars had yellow sides, including grab irons, grab ladders, and kick plates. The 13000 series cars had either mineral red or black kick plates, but there is contradictory information about which color was actually used. Does anyone know if the kick plates on 13657 would have been mineral red or black?


Nelson Moyer


On the color of kick plates:  It depends on the era you're modeling.  In the late steam era, kick plates on wooden ART cars were usually red.  There are a few published color photos that show this.  The kick plate area on steel cars was painted black.

Ron Merrick