[PassengerCarList] Pullman & A/C

Steve and Barb Hile

As more than an interested bystander I want to say how useful I think that
these "work in process" web pages are chock full of good information.

This is not a flashy web site, but rather a raw data glimpse at the work
that Bob and the team at the Pullman Library are doing with the mountain of
data available to us. The collection of drawings, specifications, etc. is
truly remarkable.

We are there on Wednesdays for volunteer work, but you can contact us
anytime by email inquiry. See

Steve Hile

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First an update - if you go to:
and scroll to the middle (after the outline) ; there is a new link to "am
ore complete outline" - this will be a work in progress - some companies
are missing (like BC&F).

A/C. I am in the midst of scanning the A/C Lot Drawing Lists - that we have
(that is, P-S Lots & Drawing Lists). There are 30-40 of them. Some are for
Pullman Co. cars, some are for individual railroad's cars. Those Pullman
Co. cars are cars specifically assigned specific railroads.

Through the ears, we have received a lot of (A/C - related) requests
- most of which we simply can't fulfill.

It is important to note the differences between cars modified at Pullman Co.
shops (i.e. Buffalo, Calumet, Wilmington (and railroad shops such as
Topeka)) and those modified by P-S shops (i.e. PCW,
Worcester, etc.). The differences are many, but for this note, the
main ones involve documentation. The documentation for the Pullman Co. cars
- if it exists is at the Newberry (check M.O. J.O., C.O.
registers & lists). The documentation for the P-S mods are, for the most
part, at the Pullman Library.

These drawing lists tell us a great deal - they typically give us the before
& after Plan and the changes thereto. One drawing that I tend to scan
whenever I see it is a " Equipment Changes" drawing that references the "Old
Equipment Drawing" . This new drawing has only appliances and other parts
that were moved, replaced and/or added when a given car was modified.

*NOT* usually found: Names and/or numbers! They say how many cars are from
one (old) Lot and how many from others. I usually have them, but it is
frustrating not to see them in these Lists.

And remember - these are only railroad or assigned to specific railroad cars
- completed in P-S shops. So UP diners, coaches and obs. Yes. Standard
3410, no. 3410 assigned C&O - yes. SBD deniers Yes. C&O coaches, yes.
Pullmans assigned to the LV and Erie? yes. Santa Fe assigned cars, no.
MILW cars? No.

Some other changes - from here:
the collections information has changed (and is being updated)

And...some wording must be modified - I've started to get hate mail from
both - well, all - sides of a certain political battle - seems that when the
topic on the top of the page is entered, other things are expected. reminds
me of 15-20 years ago when I started searching for certain large scale
equipment and went down many strange rabbit holes...LGB meant something
entirely different to me....

Bob Webber