Helped needed with reefer identification (Great Yellow Fleet)

Donald B. Valentine

Thanks Bruce & Bob,

     The Great Yellow Fleet was about the first place I looked but it didn't offer an thing of any use. The second have may not be good, Bob, but I also question the title. The Great Yellow & Orange Fleet might have been more appropriate. Even a good set
of CarBuilders Cyclopedias were not much help with these cars.

Cordially, Don Valentine

Bob Chaparro

Unfortunately, this book is flawed. The late Richard Hendrickson noted, “The first half of the book on the 19th and early 20th century development of refrigerator cars was, in fact, written entirely by Jack White, and you can take whatever he wrote on the subject to the bank. However, most of the second half of the text and photo captions was written by White's publisher and silent collaborator, Donald Duke, and there are errors of fact or interpretation on almost every page. Duke has a fine track record as a publisher but an abysmal one as a researcher…. Regrettably, you can't believe in the accuracy of anything you read in the second half of the book…”

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA