[Non-DoD Source] [RealSTMFC] Various Steel Industry Loads

Gatwood, Elden J SAD


Thanks for that fabulous photo!

Though out of our era, it has many details we can learn from: ladles were shipped this way from Pollock, on high and wide trains. Note the overhang of the ladles in back loaded upside down. The even larger ones in front look they are for a BOP/BOF shop, while those in back look like teeming ladles without the control assembly installed.

The banded steel sheet on dunnage is standard practice. A very nice shot of this type of load (have modeled many of these).

Uncovered coiled steel sheet was common(er) on Erie, NYC and P&LE due to their customers' needs. They have been banded nicely.

Those anti-skid bumpers were a feature of at least one Lot of P&LE flat cars.

This looks like the way I remember Youngstown, when their mills were still in full swing. Note expansion loops on hot gas pipeline to right. Could this be Youngstown Sheet & Tube's interchange yard?

Elden Gatwood

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Various Steel Industry Loads

An undated photo from the Ohio Memory website:

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Description: "Ladles loaded on train cars for shipment made by the William B. Pollock Company."

Also visible are loads of steel coils, beams and plates.

And my thanks to Claus Schlund for finding the Ohio Memory website.

Bob Chaparro

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