Lehigh Valley 4-Bay Hopper / some went to Tennessee Central and TP&W(?)

Steven D Johnson

I'm glad the topic of these LV hoppers came up (again).

I have a keen interest in them because the Tennessee Central purchased 31 of these cars from International Railway Car Co. in 1956. They became TC nos. 8100-8130. As I recall, I have a photo in my TC files, and will scan and post it when I find it.

Also, TP&W acquired some (at least I assume they are ex-LV), but don't have any information on their acquisition. Just have the attached image of no. 829.

Chuck Yungkurth published a short article, "Lehigh Valley's composite quad hoppers" in the August 1997 issue of RMC. Included is a photo of one of the original composite cars and one of a rebuilt car, with HO scale drawings of both versions.

I have several of the Lionel and Hobbyline cars purchased at train shows or on eBay. Would like to eventually upgrade the models and decorate them for TC.

Steve Johnson
Nashville, TN

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Is the Hobbyline model the best starting point for this LV hopper?

I wanted to be certain there isn’t a better model (injection molded plastic or resin) available that I am overlooking.