Decal Source: K4 Pacific on eBay

San Antonio & San Francisco

Hey Y'all,

I wanted to introduce to you a new great source for decals for early era and especially the 1910-1970 era of freight cars. I have become good friends with K4 Pacific decals. He sells them in his eBay store. He has lots of decals for your era as he focuses on the 1910-1960 period himself. He does all scales: N-S-HO-O-G-F. He creates his decals straight from car sides. These are water slide decals. The lines are very sharp and the printing is very precise. Check him out as he has many, many decals that work for y'all. Let him know Levi referred you. I do not get anything from it, but he takes care of me, so I help him out in return.

His eBay id: k4_pacific

Check him out!




Agreed about K4 Pacific. Great quality,decent price and quick service. Highly recommended.

Dave Strahlendorf
Erlanger, Ky.