L. C. L. Corporation & Containers

Bob Webber

Pullman was building containers prior to 1931, they also built containers to ship Oldsmobiles - containers had heavy duty casters to move them without the need for fork lifts.

They also had "Container box cars" which held 4 containers in 1935

There is a drawing from 1931 for "Application of skids and containers to 40' 6" flat car'. 5 Containers.

NKP had "container cars" built in this era that look like simple Gondolas (in the general arrangement drawings) (1939)

What is interesting is that many container associated drawings are in the Passenger files - not the freight. The same thing happened with items built in 1918 (naval rifle gun carriages, gun cars, etc.).

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L. C. L. Corporation

This 1930s photo of an early containers on a flat car led me to look into the L. C. L. Corporation:
Bob Webber