Just as I was headed out the door to Lysle I received the culvert pipe from Gain Belt Models that was discussed last week  A little shorter than I expected (25 scale feet) but a good looking product and will make a nice load.

Bill Pardie

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Brad Andonian

I have been in contact with them hoping to get an o scale version....

I think they stated there are limitations with their printer.
brad andonian 


I ordered some too, nice looking parts.  Perhaps the corrugations are a bit oversize for HO, so maybe they'd look appropriate for O.  But I think the lengths are about right for what I know about the prototype.  I haven't looked up the actual AASTHO spec M-36 to see what it says.

They're not bright like brand-new galvanized steel is, but I was thinking more as actual installed culvert pipe, meaning I'd cut up a couple of joints of this pipe to install in the scenery.  I might eventually use them as a load, or to be stacked in a material yard somewhere.

Ron Merrick