40-ton trucks with lateral motion


I'm building some stock cars, but other cars might have this issue, say refrigerator cars.

How common were 40-ton trucks with lateral motion?  I'm thinking of the HO Tahoe 214 vs. 215 (equipped with lateral motion device vs. not).  Were the lateral motion devices frequently applied to a particular type of 40-ton car, with prevention of lading damage in mind?  I can see that the answer for these cars might be different than for 50-ton or larger capacity cars.

I haven't seen this issue discussed in anything I recall seeing.

Ron Merrick


Ron, the presence of lateral motion devices on trucks will depend on the railroad owning them, not capacity.  ATSF, B&O, CB&Q, CN, CP, CV, CofG, C&NW, C&EI, ERIE, DL&W, GTW, IC, MP, NP, RI, SL-SF, SP, T&NO, T&P, UP, and WP were among the railroads that liked and bought trucks with Barber Lateral Motion Devices. Sales of trucks with BLMs seems to have ended in the 1940s with the introductions of newer truck designs such as Self-Aligning Spring Plankless Double Truss, Barber S-2, and A-3 trucks.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV



Thanks, that tells me what I need to know.  I think I'll use the lateral motion trucks then.

Papa Ben's in Houston has kept me in trucks for quite a while now.

Ron Merrick