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Can we see pics of both, or latter?

I love containers cars! I used to see B&O container gons around Pgh all the time.

Powdered dolomite was used in sealing the floor of open hearth furnaces between heats. USSteel and others took the containers out of the gon and craned them down the floor where they were dumped in a pile across from the door. It was hand shoveled in by a crew. Tough job.

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In an attempt to be competitive, around 1929, B&O equipped a small number of O-27 subclass gondolas for LCL merchandise containers for overnight Pittsburgh - New York merchandise service. Per B&O memo, this investment was a "complete waste of money" and the equipment was removed from service in 1940. Gondolas were converted back to original configuration, and containers returned to LCL Corporation.

Between their mostly captive on-line service, overnight runs, and inactivity, these were ....

- seldom photographed,
- not known to go off-line,
- and laid about at limited locations much of the time,

... their modeling possibilities are distressingly narrow.

This story concerns LCL merchandise containers leased from LCL Corporation. In contrast, B&O equipped hundreds of gondolas for LCL bulk containers built by Youngstown Steel for years in service, mainly hauling dolomite for steelmaking, based around Brunswick Maryland and headed for eastern steel mills. LCL Corporation was not involved.