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As a desperate alternative (as I truly was), I took my collection of the better resin versions, glued them with white glue, to a styrene sheet, rimmed it with clay, and cast a rubber block of retainer valves, brake wheels, and whatnot. Every time I cast freight car parts, the leftover went into the new retainer/whatnot cast. Pour the resin in, squeegee off the excess: presto.

Elden Gatwood

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I did a search of the group's archives using "prescision scale retainer valve" and after many messages regarding the sale of PSC there are several references to the part number from myself and Fention. Hint the last two digits are "96"

The Tichy retainer valve is a little blob. I would never disagree w/Jack Burgess but I just looked and I am positive that there is NO Retainer Valve part on the styrene portion of the Detail Associates (and Grandt Line) sprue or engineering plastic sprue. Out of production by GL for a few years now, grab all you can of either since they are identical as the styrene brake parts are some the best. Toss the engineering plastic sprue as it defies adhesives.

Bill Welch

George Corral

Has anyone tried these?  Shapeways: Bulk Retainer Valves by K. Kadwell Mfg. Co.

George Corral
Holiday, FL.

Tom Madden

On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 11:01 AM, George Corral wrote:
Has anyone tried these?  Shapeways: Bulk Retainer Valves by K. Kadwell Mfg. Co.
I bought a set of 20 but haven't done anything with them. The back side is clean but the front side has the "frosty" look you get with this process. I expect that will clear up when they are ultrasonically cleaned with Bestine solvent. The material is very brittle and difficult to drill, so the designer has incorporated a stub coming out the bottom for the retainer pipe, with the idea that the modeler will make a butt joint between the stub and the wire retainer pipe. Problem is, the stub may be larger than the diameter of the wire you want to use. I can't get anything in to directly measure the stubs, but comparing them visually with drill shanks, they are about the same diameter as, and certainly no smaller than, a #80 drill, 0.0135". 

Tom Madden