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gary laakso

Bob, this car is a great find and by clicking on the picture and moving the picture around,  it appears that CNO&TP 1308, a ventilated boxcar is being repaired and between it and CNO&TP 1121, stringers are being prepared to build an underframe.


Gary Laakso

Northwest of Mike Brock

Bob Webber

While looking for something OTHER than Steam Era Freight Cars - I grabbed the permalinks for a variety of such cars for an index of sorts for my later perusal.  Some entertaining and educational - though mostly "early)" cars and perhaps of no interest to those on the list for a while seeing the regular posts - I sometimes have to pass over content on days when the traffic is heavy.... 

Note I did NOT search on rr freight cars, so it is possible some of these haven't shown up in previous searches....


C&O Ventilated Box

C&EI Auto

L&N Boxes



Q&C Boxes

Q&C Cars various
& Ag display of cars - many more too

SOU Stock

Refrigerator Icing


Tanks - floating!

VGN Coal

Bob Webber