Offered: MDC puillman built DD SS 50' box car enhancement kit for MP/WP

Andy Carlson


I have another enhancement kit being offered for sale. I have come upon several left over resin castings of a WP Pullman Co built 50' auto boxcar with pre-war Youngstown doors. Model Die Casting came out with a beautifully built car in HO tooled by Brian Leppert now of Tahoe Model Works fame. Brian was asked to make the siding with exaggerated board spacing grooves to fit in with the convention of-the-time that single sheathed cars needed to be super-obvious. Fine detailed modeling of these kits has been shared with this group; finished models with cast-on details removed and replaced with individual parts.

This enhanced kit I offer has the following:

1 new MDC 50' SS double door box car kit
1 pair of Western Pacific/Missouri Pacific polyurethane resin cast sides with subtle board grooves

The modeler will need to remove the sides from the kit's car body and replace with the supplied resin sides. I am not supplying hand grabs, ladders, decals or brake details. I am just supplying a labor saving pair of sides for swapping with the supplied MDC kit.

Offered for $29 which includes shipping to the US. I accept checks and with a small fee PayPal is welcomed. Please contact me off-list for details at <midcentury@...>.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA