Plastic Pipe "T"s cored for .012 brass wire

Bill McCoy

I have a project that has a need for joining .012 wire in a "T". some time back there were plastic pipe joints but I can't remember who made them. MY LHS thinks it was Utah Pacific but there's nothing on their web site. Same for Plasti-Struct and Evergreen. Precision make a brass "T" cored for .015 but that may be a sloppy fit.This is a locomotive (SD9) project and some brake piping details on freight cars...
Any help on where to find them will be appreciated.  

Bill McCoy, Jax

Thomas Evans

It seems to me that Utah Pacific once made these in brass, but not cored. - Tom


Didn't someone on Shapeways make those?

A suggestion - if you solder .012 wire into .015 cored tees, the solder will tend to center the wires. Then you could proceed to bend, trim, etc?


Curt Fortenberry


I believe Trout Creek took over the brass parts from the old Tomalco line.  they had some. 

Curt Fortenberry