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The G22 isn't a flat car, but the rest of what you mentioned seems like questions about the G22 gon, so here goes:

I know we've had previous discussion on the PRR G22 flat cars, but I've been unable to find an answer to my question.
Besides the trucks, which I know were upgraded, and the stencil indicating the type and capacity of the car, is there any structural or visual difference between the original G22 gondola and the G22B gondola? That is, if I change the trucks and decals, can I create an accurate G22B from a G22 model?

The G22 had 2 additional end ribs added to the single horizontal end rib, above and below the original. No changes were made to sides or underframe. The trucks were the primary mod done to raise the weight capacity of the car. The G22B was spun off to serve as the basis for a number of container cars, of which there were 100-ton 12 container cars, with either PRR-built containers, or Youngstown-built corrugated hopper bottom containers, and a 70-ton version with 8 containers. Some few G22B had mesh flooring, to prevent cement build up, but most were solid floor cars. The Bowser "Crown" truck is a nice model, although a bit light for the 100-ton version. Yes, a G22 model is a good base for a G22B. I like the Westerfield model, but there are others.

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