Southwest Scale Productions


I am looking for a set of SSP doors that are described on the website as: Superior 6 Ft Wide 10' 6" IH 7 Panel Door Wide 3rd Panel.  I sent a note to the website just to check that it would fit my Branchline kit, but never got an answer.    Is Southwest Scale Productions still in business?    I would like that door for a Texas and Pacific boxcar I am doing and would like to give the business to a small producer, but I don't want to send away $$ for nothing.

Steve Kay

B. L. Griffith

Really positive experience overall, but I remember it taking a while because this is a small side business and the proprietor is frequently out of country as an airline pilot flying overseas runs.
Just be patient, he will get back to you.
I’ve bought from him before and intend to do so again.

Bill Welch

Dan Hall is actually a Airline flight instructor and frequently away from home but his in business and you will get your doors eventually.

Bill Welch