Photo: B&O M15K


To follow in Bob's footsteps,

Photo: B&O M15K

Another Doug Lilly photo:

Caption:   I'll let each of you read it for yourselves.

This car looks to have the replacement frame.
This car also has the 3 section end ( with a splice plate on top section ). I've seen or have photos of these cars with
3 section, 2 section and single section ends, 2 or 1 grab above the ladder, and split air tank or regular AB
brake components.

Has anyone ever done a thorough article of the variations on these interesting cars? There seems to have been
quite a bit of evolution as these cars were constructed.

The Mount Clare Shops / Funaro and the Chicagoland Fox Valley kitbash M15K's both have the single section ends.

Thank you,
Dan Smith