CNW slogans

Tony Thompson

Could someone please let me know when CNW began to paint the "Route of the 400 Streamliners" slogan on box cars? Thanks in advance.

Tony Thompson

Jack Mullen

I'm not sure about an absolute beginning date, but the slogan was applied to PS-1 orders in the 1949-54 period.
It appeared on the right side of the car, with "The Overland Route" on the left side.
57400-57898 even, 1949, 40' auto car, 15' doors
106600-108598 even, 1949, 40' XM
6200-10198 even, 1951, 40' XM
1-625, 1953, 40' XM
all the above have riveted sides
656-1655, 1954, 40' XM
Not sayin' this is a comprehensive list. There was a another lot in 1955 that I'm not sure of offhand, and there were several small groups of cars built in the same time frame.
I should mention that a similar slogan, "Route of the "400" and the Streamliners" was used briefly pre-WW2.

Jack Mullen