WP and SP&S 1944 AAR Boxcars -- C&BT Upgrades #4 & #5

Bob Chapman

A two-fer this time. C&BT upgrade projects #4 and #5, WP and SP&S boxcars -- 1944 AAR C&BT carbodies upgraded with contemporary detail parts. Both will be a long way from home on my midwestern-theme layout.

WP car details include a Yarmouth Morton runningboard, Kadee ladders/grabs/Ajax handbrake, and Kato ASF A-3 trucks. Decals are Champ. With the Champ set's incorrect build date (51 vs. 47), I elected to keep the car fresh and unweathered (although maybe I should have weathered out that bad build date!). Plus -- I really like that classy silver lettering and hated to dirty it up. 

The SP&S car has a Yarmouth Apex runningboard, Tichy 8/8 ladders, Kadee grabs and Ajax brakewheel, and Kato A-3's. Decals are Microscale. Wish I could have done the car in those big SP&S letters, but by the time they came in, steam was pretty much gone on my roads. Weathering is Greg Martin's Post-It technique with some Prismacolor pencil highlighting. 

One more to go....

Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman

Clark Propst writes:
Can you elaborate on the weathering of the SP&S car? Really nice.

Hi, Clark --

The technique was developed by the late Greg Martin (a great guy who many of us will miss). He used a Post-It to mask at each seam (tape will work just as well), and airbrushed a very dilute spray of Testor's Rubber along the edge of the mask. Sometimes he got fancy and reversed the Post-Its to the other side of the seam and similarly airbrushed very dilute Caboose Red -- sounds terrible, but the effect was very effective. For the SP&S, I only did the black. Greg featured the technique with color photos in numerous articles in Mainline Modeler, if you happen to have a back issue collection; at one point, I seem to recall him doing an article in MR or RMC featuring it.

The highlighting visible in the photo is mostly around the seams in the Superior doors, done with a Prismacolor 70% Warm Grey pencil. I also did the roof seams. An art store sharpener will give you the fine point that you need.  

Bob Chapman


Bob Chapman

Ken Adams writes:
What were the dates for this version of the SP&S herald scheme. Is this post steam/1956?

Ken --
The Microscale decal set is very extensive, offering six different lettering variations, but silent on when they were initiated. Based on prototype photos, it seems that the large initials came in during the second half of the 50s -- pretty much post-steam on my layout. 

I'm not a SP&S expert; hopefully there's someone out there more knowledgeable.

Bob Chapman

Peter Weiglin

I woul like to point out that the C&O Historical Society (www.cohs.org) is offering a DVD containing all of the Mainline Modeler back issues.
It is priced at $89.95  Much good stuff in there.

Note: don;t confuse it with ahother DVD, only of the articles related to C&O.

Clark Propst

On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 10:48 AM, Bob Chapman wrote:
The technique was developed by the late Greg Martin

I thought so. I've used it too on PS1 cars just like in the article Greg did using a ATSF car.
CW Propst