Freight Car of the Day the G31D truck frame car

Gatwood, Elden J SAD



On this fine car is routing stenciling to Reading Co, Philmont, PA.  Does anyone know the complete routing, and how this guy was used?  I know Reading had the originator, but whose truck frames? Where were they bound?


Nice car, huh?


Read the latest Keystone Modeler for Jack Consoli’s build of a general service G31D.




Elden Gatwood

Rob M.

My first “guess” would be Parrish/Dana in Reading PA as they manufactured auto and truck frames.

The Reading did serve Mack Trucks in Allentown but I don’t recall ever seeing any truck frame cars.   I have seen R model Mack cabs on flat cars but that’s beyond the era of this list. 

I’ve been digging to see if at this time the Budd company would have been making auto or truck frames at their Hunting Park factory in north Philly but so far nada  

Rob Mondichak