IM Kits, Was New IM cars arrive

Fred Swanson

Ii guess it would help if I put the link in.
Fred Swanson

mel perry

the sad truth is, is the hobby is a
business  and that IM can make more
money selling RTR, if you want kits and
parts, support the manufacturers who
manufacture these items
mel perry

Fred Swanson

What about this page?  Does anyone know a shop that orders kits?
Fred Swanson

Andy Carlson

About a year ago I requested 700+ kits of former RC/IMWX '37 AAR box cars. I was waiting for awhile and the promised response never came. I gather that they are making enough money that kits and parts are not a worthy venture of their time. Funny, I miss Frank.......
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

On Friday, May 29, 2020, 6:09:06 PM PDT, Ted Schnepf <railsunl@...> wrote:

Hi Ken,

This is a question for IM.

Idealy one person would gather the kit orders and deal with IM. The order needs to be significant, probably a minimum of 50 of one product number, and has to be organized and commited to, at the time of product announcement. Then you might get IM's attention.

And no, I am not volunteering.

Ted Schnepf


Alas RTR. Will IM ever get around to the kits again?
Ken Adams