GeoRR rebuild's roof

Clark Propst

Just bought a Tichy Georgia rebuilt box car kit. The roof looks like a XLA? I have a Speedwitch model that has a Hutchins roof. Photos I have show, maybe, a radial roof?, what could be the Hutchins rood and a flat welded roof. I'm thinking of scraping off the roof battens to simulate a flat welded roof.
Any assistance, clarifications or opinions are welcome, Thanks!!
CW Propst 



Hey old man, Georgia cars came in two flavors--those with flat, riveted roofs and those with radial roofs.  I thought I sent you photos of the flat roofs already, but say the word and I'll send them again.  That would be easy to model with the Tichy car.

Speedwitch has the decals for both cars---and like Frosted Flakes---They're Great.

John Golden