Early "coil car" on the C&O 1954

Gatwood, Elden J SAD



From the PRRT&HS files. 


PRR was looking at other RRs solutions to shipping sheet, coil, and other difficult steel loads, and had discussions with C&O officials about their experimental testing.  I love the reference to “file drawer” partitions.


The bundled sheets and coils, were wrapped in “weather-proof” paper, which turned out to be a failure in preventing water getting in a rusting the coils. 


PRR also tried tarps and temporary “covers”, since they did not want dedicated “one-way” cars, but all the expedients were fails, too.


The explosion of designs came in 1955.


More to come,


Elden Gatwood

Scott Kremer

Do you have any information as to when coiled steel was first moved in quantity? By coiled steel I mean the type of coils we see today. I could find no information on the internet on the history of the product.


Scott Kremer