some steam era work train equipment images - L&N sand car

Steven D Johnson



Thanks for posting the links to those work equipment photos.


L&N diesel sand cars nos. 40950-40953 were converted from old tenders in 1941.  These cars were later renumbered to 40069-40072.  Capacity was 800 cu. ft.  I have attached diagrams sheets for the original numbers and later renumbering.  


Perhaps the oddest L&N diesel sand car was #40073 (see diagram).  This one was converted from an old tender in June 1948.


Photographs of nos. 40072 and 40073 can be seen on page 78 of the L&N Color Guide, Volume 2.


Steve Johnson


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Hi List Members,


I stumbled upon some steam era work train equipment images of various types




IC X4356 tender cistern on flat car





IC (number unreadable) single sheathed boxcar with windows





L&N 40069, described as 'sand car' a bit of a mystery!





NYC car, possible tank car? Possible weed sprayer? Possibly rebuild from a steam loco tender?








Claus Schlund