GN 60002 Well Car

Richard Wilkens

Here are four more photos of Great Northern well car GN 60002, including closeup of well. These were taken in October 1958 and shows runner for Diablo generator No. 32.

Rich Wilkens

David Soderblom

Every time I see an image like this I can’t help noting all the exquisite details:
  • The EXCESS HEIGHT placard, but it’’s too wide for the wood it’s stapled to, so it’s folded: both of them!  Was that from the force of air of movement?  And you can read the letters on the stake pocket castings, and they’re not identical!
  • The CLEANED placard on FGEX 265 behind the flat car:I haven’t seen that one before.  and the FGEX car is virginal — it must have just been delivered: not a speck of dust or grime or any imperfection.
  • We should all save pretty much save everything small out of our kitchens and shops as plausible loads.
  • Looks to be a hole flat: you-all can provide the technicalities.

David Soderblom
Baltimore MD USA