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After the PRR’s foray into specially-painted box cars for LCL service in the late forties, there were a few fits and starts, some additional, cheaper paint schemes added, but LCL on the PRR was a failure.  Thereafter, the cars ended up not moving from freight house to freight house on the PRR, went into general service, roamed all over, where those pretty paint schemes deteriorated.


The last (in date) I have seen one in its “Merchandise Service” paint was the attached Dick Kuelbs photo he took in Dallas in 1962, IIRC.  So, they did get around, and in these paint jobs, that late.


This is not the only one I have seen this far off-line, nor well after their LCL service.  I have a photo somewhere, of a similar car on the west coast, some time in the late fifties.


Elden Gatwood


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Thanks for all who contributed.


I am clear on the "Express" cars traveling around about anywhere but not so clear on the LCL cars.


Am I to understand that LCL FREIGHT cars would have TYPICALLY stayed on the home roads but COULD have strayed to other roads?


Thanks again,


Allen Cain