Suitable trucks for Sylvan CPR 1938, '40 and '42 auto boxcar

Robert kirkham

Part of my ongoing “build the stash” summer.  Looking for recommendations on suitable trucks for these steel auto-boxcars.  They were CPR 295500-295799, with the series expanding as follows:
1938:  295500 - 295549
1940:  295500 - 295649
1942:  295500 - 295799

I realize they may have had different trucks on the 1938 cars compared to 1940 or '42 cars.  

An article in 1938-39 Railway Transportation (I think; its a poor copy) describes the trucks (where legible) as: 

"Symmington cast steel side frame type, with journal boxes integral, and journals are in 5 x 9 in. ... “No flange” spring planks are utilized.  In addition to the standard bolster springs, the trucks have … snubber in each group of springs, AAR standard journal bearings, wedges … dust guards are used, and the brake beams are the AAR standard type no. 15, with economy heads [or is it beads] and … third point support.”

I’m having trouble finding any other photos showing as built trucks for any of these cars.  

Took this poor screen capture from a photo of 295616, and to me it looks like a Vulcan truck on Kadee’s list, #573 HGC trucks.  

Thanks in advance for any help,


Kemal Mumcu

They look similar to a Barber S1,

Rapido has some one can pre-order.

Colin Meikle