O Scale SFRD 13000 revisited

Michael Gross

I am impressed.  Well done!
Michael Gross
Pasadena, CA

Fred Jansz

What a beauty.
Would love to posess one in HO.
Fred Jansz


We discussed this unusual car about two weeks ago.
A photo of the O scale, scratch-built model I did 33 years ago was shown.
Then a prototype photo showing the left side having "The Super Chief to California" on it was posted as well
My model had the El Capitan logo on the right side, following a photo of the prototype in the 19th edition of Carbuilders' Cyclopedia.
To get it right, I did some hand lettering as the decal set had the wrong type of "E" and the word "West" was too large.
For the left side, I used the 'Ship and Travel Santa Fe All the Way' from the decal set.
Incorrect! I built it before I had a computer and  internet access.
What to do?
Well, I sent off for a Protcals SFRD "Super Chief' set.
The Ship and Travel decals were carefully scraped off, thanks to their 33 year age and by now vintage hardened Floquil paint underneath.
The left side now carries the Super Chief logo.
Its it perfect?
Well, no. Decals are subject to the art work of someone else. 
Also laying out the lettering with those horizontal ribs blocking some of it off takes some careful planning.
As it worked out, most of the Super Chief lettering covers the largest area of the former Ship and Travel logo, minimizing surface disturbances from its removal.
Better? Yes.
At least I'm now bit happier with my old model, now carrying the correct two Santa  Fe train advertisements, one on each side.
A = right side, B = old left side, D = new left side.
Ed Bommer