Accurail 4300 series - options

Robert kirkham

I’ll post some when I make some more progress.  At this point, in addition to a bunch of Canadian cars, I’m thinking I will look at a couple of kit bashes looking at the DMIT, MKT, MP and Frisco and CB&Q/C&S cars.    

I’ve picked up some photos off the internet, but am not yet clear on appropriate number series for each car for my 1946 modelling era. Also need to make a list of detail elements to sort out.  With each, need to figure out decals too.

The MKT car will need a metal panel at the top of the car sides.  Not sure if these were all converted from K to AB brakes in 1946.  96077 in 1940 reweigh is equipped with AB brakes.  There is an end view of 76678 in the Delano photos in the Library of Congress (thinking one of the photos in Chicago) that has me intrigued - you can see the stem winder brake wheel at the far end of the roof.  I also have a photo of 77780.  All the other photos show cars between 95000 - 96656.   Modelling details also include a flat diagonal brace at the top of each end panel on the sides.  Once I have the number series sorted, these looks reasonably straightforward, but I think I am seeing different roof variants to be careful about.  Inside height appears (in hard to read photos) to be 9’ 1”.  Given there is a Speedwitch kit for at least some of these cars, I find this project less appealing.

The MP cars have radial roofs as Charlie Duckworth noted.  They also have the steel panel at the top of the car sides and the diagonal braces atop each end panel on the sides.  Have not checked inside height yet.  And I see variations in the side bracing top and diagonal that will need more careful thought.  Car numbers 93656 (1936 reweigh date, K brakes), 41293 (’45 re weigh, AB brakes), 90000 ('40s reweigh, AB brakes), 90281 ('55 re-weigh, AB brakes).  3 different doors.

DMIR cars are in the 33XX series, so far as I can tell so far.  Looking for early to mid 40’s era photos before I go very far.  Looks like the easiest project, except the Accurail wood doors need a replacement.

The SLSF cars look (to me) like the roof/roof attachment is different from the Accurail car.  I cannot see the top steel plate below the roof line on those cars.  And I think I see a curved line, so another radial design?  So that will require some more thought.  

The CB&Q cars are easier to find on line photos for, but I think I see a number of different car body heights so will need to sort through that.  In photos where you can see the ends, some are dreadnaught ends, so would involve even more effort.  But the 15500-16499 series look like the right project.   I note the roof and top side plate treatment look different from the Accurail car, so that will take some thought.  I also note a bunch of the cars have narrower sheathing boards than the Accurail kits.

So - more research ahead, but at minimum a good stand in can be created for some of these cars by replacing ladders with grab irons, adding some top diagonal straps at the end panels, etc.


On Sep 19, 2020, at 6:48 PM, Ray Carson via <PrewarUPModeler@...> wrote:

I also have Accurail 4300 series that I'm going to turn into a CB&Q prototype. I've been slowly removing molded-on grabs and other details that don't fit with the prototype.

I hope to see your own builds in the future for inspiration in my builds.