Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal History book by David Leider

Charlie Vlk


I was just browsing on Facebook and found out that David Leider’s new book is available.


Based on his previous books and the subject matter I am ordering it and I suspect many of you with any interest in the Chicago Area or terminal railroads in general will want it as well….


Charlie Vlk

(no affiliation with David other than a very satisfied reader)


Fritz Milhaupt

I got a copy a few weeks ago.

If you have David Leider's book on the pickle industry around the Great Lakes, you'll recognize the layout immediately.

In addition to a general history, a good portion of the book covers major infrastructure projects that the B&OCT participated in-- it had a significant part in many of the grade separation projects across Chicago, as well as the straightening of the South Branch of the Chicago River. It is well-illustrated with plenty of photographs, maps and diagrams.

I enjoyed it immensely, especially the parts about Chicago Grand Central Station and the adjacent downtown freight houses.

A bit of family history: My parents took me, my brother and my sister for a weekend in Chicago the second weekend in November, 1969. We arrived from Grand Rapids on C&O #9 at Grand Central on Friday morning, and had a pleasant weekend seeing the sites and doing touristy things, such as visiting the Museum of Science and Industry, going to Marshall Field's and having dinner at the Berghoff to satisfy my father's appetite for sauerbraten.

Late Sunday afternoon, we arrived at Grand Central for our return trip on C&O #8, to be greeted at the door by signs taped to the doors saying that the C&O's and B&O's trains were now arriving and departing from Northwestern station. My folks, with three children under the age of five, managed a hasty cab ride to Northwestern Station, arriving with but a few minutes to spare. I remember thinking that we were spending an awfully long time waiting at signals on our way out of Chicago, as the train negotiated its new route.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It filled in quite a few gaps in my knowledge of the Pere Marquette's operations in Chicago as a tenant of the B&OCT.

-Fritz Milhaupt

David Leider

Thank you for the excellent review of my book. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. I enjoyed writing it and discovered a lot of things I did not know about Early Chicago railroading and the B&OCT. 
It is priced at only $50.00 which includes shipping.
Follow this link to order
David Leider

Ray Hutchison

The many bridges required to get into downtown Chicago is an important part of the story here (and it looks as though this is well covered in the book).  There is an older publication from the city planning department devoted to the bridges that list members may want to take a look at as well.

ray hutchison