Is this "DowelLoc" flooring in this box car?

Gatwood, Elden J SAD


Nice vacuum, too!


Elden Gatwood


Don't know about the brand name,
but it is some type of nailable steel floor

Howard Garner

Jack Mullen

This car has wood flooring with an overlay of perforated steel floor protection plates. I don't know what brand of plates these are. 
The namesake Doweloc car flooring was 12" wide laminated hardwood planks, made from narrow strips doweled together. Doweloc was introduced in the late '50s. There were competing laminated floor planks made by gluing instead of doweling, that would probably be indistinguishable when installed.

Jack Mullen

James Cummings

Boy, that machine would be great for my
James Cummings.