[Proto-Layouts] Grand ol' RPM

Eric Hansmann



You are a week ahead of schedule! The 2020 event was set for next weekend. It was cancelled in March. Details were posted on the website and in messages to several discussion groups.



Frank found a nice venue on the Northern Illinois University Naperville Campus that we hope to use in 2021. It’s about three miles from the Sheraton.


Since the pandemic is surging in Illinois at the moment, the event would have been cancelled anyway. As noted on the RCW blog and website, Frank had tested positive for the virus. He was sick for almost a week but seems to have recovered. He shared ideas for upcoming RCW kits, so he’s nearly back in the pink.


I’m looking forward to seeing several of you on the Hindsight 20.20 4.0 V-RPM event in just a few minutes.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN



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It’s Naperville time!.....I remember Mike Skibbe saying he was having trouble finding a location being the current hotel wasn’t interested in us anymore. The mini meet Frank had arranged is canceled I’m sure? Is there any plans to continue the “Granddaddy” RPM maybe next year? The VRPM today is just not the same.

Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa