Need broadside photo of OSL #3029-54 short caboose #3029-54


I'd like to build a couple models in O to use behind the OSL 4-6-0 I'm accumulating brass for. If the boards are not CS 3.25" [sheet available from Evergreen] then the O scale indexer I'm building using a 8 tpi screw & nut from a car jack could be used.
Thanks for any help.

-=- Bob Colquitt
"All Dressed Up and No Place to Go"- Oscar Levant

Keith Retterer

Hey Bob,  Here is a photo of an OSL wood caboose I hope you can use.  It is not a broadside view, but is not a full 3/4 view either.  The side boards do show up nicely, though.

Keith Retterer

Looks just like a Union Pacific CA class caboose.  You may have an easier time finding a broadside photo of one of those.  The photo I have of a UP CA class caboose is just like the OSL photo, not a true broadside.

Andy Brusgard <ajb1102@...>

It is in the little details.
I like the way the corner is notched for hanging the markerlights


Thanks for the CA photo. I got a copy of the UP/OSL/OW CA caboose drawing on Don Strack's website - took the pdf file to FedEx/Kinkos store & printed out on 36" wide paper - cost about $10. It's the other caboose I need to build.
Thanks again!
-=- Bob Colquitt
All Dressed Up & No Place to Go - Oscar Levant 1936

Thomas Klosterman

Same notches on ends for markers of PRR N6a and N6b cabins.

Fred Swanson