A Stan Rydarwicz inspired kit bash '37 AAR box car end

Andy Carlson

Hello folks-

I have been receiving orders for the 4/5 sq corner early Dreadnaught end for a possible use on a Yardmaster '37 AAR box car kit.  I sent the original message last week.

I sent the wrong photo (that is for a 10'2" to 10' 4" EDE). Below is the correct photo for the offered '37 4/5 EDE. It has the verified correct width and height for a Yardmaster kit.

Inline image

I had offered these end pairs with a sprue of Red Caboose bracket grabs which I am now sold out.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

Hello Everyone-

New resin ends for a long planned kitbash. Stan drew my appreciation in his way of finding projects which could be facilitated by making some resin parts. with the interest generated from the recent RPC #35 book I think it is time to talk about doing an early 1937 AAR box car in HO.