GTW 58300 series autocar with 7' door - what era?

Robert kirkham

Hi there -

Needing some help with ORERs around 1946 for this model.  Working on a kit and started to work with the decals.  I had three cars in various stages and had put the decals in a safe place - but mixed them together.   Now - looking at the sets, I'm looking for correct capacity, dimensional info, etc.  That got me looking at the 1953 ORER which doesn't reveal a car series with the same 7' door, so I'm starting to wonder: for me - are these foobies?  

Does anyone have more history on these cars c1946?


Andy Laurent


GTW boxcars were typically in 6-figure number series.  Do you mean 583000?  I see 8'4" door 573000-series auto cars (axle loading), and 583200-series 10'6" door cars in the 1950 ORER.

Andy L.