[ResinFreightCarBuilders] Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 46701, PFE class R-40-20

Tony Thompson

Lester Breuer wrote:

I have upgraded Pacific Fruit Express (PFE), Refrigerator Car 46701 , PFE Class R-40-20 . . .  If you would like to take a look please do at the following link:

  Nice job, Lester, and nicely described as to the various steps in "correcting" the InterMountain foobie. They have released a single-herald R-40-23 a couple of times, and I guess I am done "alerting" them to the error. And of course I was delighted that you had consulted the PROPER prototype references <g>.
    Lester's work makes a nicer car than the R-40-20 that I kitbashed from an Athearn body I wrote a series of blog posts about that conversion and an accompanying R-40-14 project. I provide a link below to the final post in that series if you're interested.

Tony Thompson